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Professional Help For Sump Cleaning in Grande Prairie and the Surrounding Area

Reliable Septic Tank Pumping for Homeowners and Businesses in Grande Prairie

To avoid any excess accumulation of sludge and scum in your septic tank, you must get routine maintenance and pumping performed by trained professionals. There are many toxic gases produced during the process, which can pose a health hazard. At Honey Bucket Inc, we ensure that your septic tank is free of all solid and liquid waste that is surpassed being broken down by bacteria and poses the risk of clogging your tank.


The following signs are otherwise an indicator that you should probably get your septic tank pumped:

It’s been more than 3 to 5 years since you got it pumped last
An overflow of sludge in your lawn due to sewage backup
Pungent odours, pools of water in your yard, sluggish drains, and high concentrations of nitrate in drinking water due to a clogged up drain
Pollution to the soil and groundwater

Honey Bucket Inc - One of the Best Sump Cleaning Professionals

Are you looking for sump cleaning services for commercial-sized tanks in Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas? Rely on our team at Honey Bucket Inc to take care of your industrial waste professionally and safely. It is possible that when you’re facing problems with your commercial tanks, it’s not the pump that is the leading cause, but the sump. Along with the catch basin in the storm drain, it requires proper maintenance from time to time to avoid the backflow of sewage into your facility since both these components are thoroughly in use throughout the year.


It is possible that debris might get caught up in the grills of these components due to inefficient filtering, which is why it is essential to regularly get any deposit and sludge scrapped off at its earliest to avoid clogging.

Sump Cleaning Services You Can Trust

We at Honey Bucket Inc have the right tools and licenced technicians who can be trusted for quality septic and sump cleaning services.

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