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Know More About Honey Bucket Inc

Established in 2010, Honey Bucket Inc stepped into the industry with the purpose to provide an exceptional customer experience at a lower cost for the people living and working in the Peace Country.


Honey Bucket Inc does this by providing a premium portable toilet as our everyday standard toilet.  It has 24% more interior space than what our competitors offer as their standard toilets.  Our customers have a great appreciation for the extra space and quality that our toilets provide.  Honey Bucket Inc offers these toilets in both Blue and Pink as well as a larger wheelchair accessible design.


In addition to providing premium portable toilet services, Honey Bucket Inc also provides vacuum truck services, potable water services, and mobile pressure washing services.  Honey Bucket Inc drivers provide professional level service, making sure our customers are always satisfied with the quality of their work. Call us for about our services.

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